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Heather is not only a phenomenal coach and mentor but also a superb public speaker!

It was my honor to have Heather speak at ASU’s WP Carey annual “WP Carey Talks.” In front of a room full of A-type personalities, Heather dominated and held the audience’s focus for well over 20-minutes. Additionally, her insights and knowledge of wellness, accompanied by her communication and presentation skills, were extremely well received and the event highlight for many in attendance.

I can highly recommend Heather to any individual, group, or organization lucky enough to get on her busy schedule. Her value is immeasurable, and many positive outcomes of her presentation(s) are instantaneous. Heather is a true value.

Asher Spittler, Curator - WP Carey Talks

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I witnessed Heather’s gift for storytelling when I saw her speak at TEDxTempe. Although it was an incredible story of tragedy and hope, it was Heather’s raw honesty, creative wit, humor and artful storytelling that truly captured the audiences attention. Heather was real – she was herself, and the audience was able to easily connect with her as a result. We all listened intently, as if we were listening to a dear friend share their story. Heather had us all on the edge of our seats and in the palm of her hand, and this is what all great storytellers naturally do. Heather has a gift that needs to be shared!
Tom McDermott, Chief Ignition Officer - Ignite International Corporation

Past Speaking Engagements

Heather is truly an inspiration. I had the opportunity to attend a local TED talk featuring Heather and was amazed at her poise, confidence, courage and compassion. Her words connected with the audience on many levels and in real terms that hit home. I left feeling personally inspired to overcome, and I know she had the same affect on the rest of the attendees. I would not hesitate to hire Heather to inspire a team to truly reflect, work together and move forward with courage.
Traci Scott - Sales Director, Fox10 Phoenix




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In the growing tide of coaches and counselors, Heather Lehman easily stands out as a wellness rarity. Not only is she highly experienced in teaching the art of finding physical balance, she is a survivor who has creatively overcome repeated hardship and found emotional balance through art itself. As a teacher, she is an exemplary model of someone who excels in shaping a healthy mind, body and spirit. Beyond a deep commitment to her clients in all facets of wellness, she is equally committed to her own path of continued learning and growth.
JoBeth Jamison - Apollo Education Group

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