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Heather Sayers Lehman, MS

Heather Sayers Lehman is an Author, Professional Speaker and Well-Being Strategist. ​

Heather has mastered the art of overcoming. She left a childhood home of drug addiction, public assistance and chaos during her senior year of high school. Heather was an excellent survivor but needed to break down her walls to truly thrive. She decided in her 30s, it was high time that she get her sh!t together! She needed to unravel her life-long twisted dynamics with food, body image and control. She was able to change her relationship with food when she learned to effectively cope with her emotions. This gave her the freedom to easily maintain her weight without dieting, counting, measuring or magic beans!

Heather Sayers Lehman empowers people to break their cycles of stress eating and create a healthy relationship with food and their bodies. They are tired of obsessing about food, struggling with their weight and feeling guilty about their stress eating. After conducting over 3000 health coaching sessions, she authored Don’t Eat It. DEAL With It! Your Guidebook On How To STOP Eating Your Emotions. She teaches the Emotional Eating Freedom Formula™ to show you how to finally stop stuffing emotions with food. Graduates become empowered around food, create consistent healthy habits and lose weight without dieting, counting, restricting, or cutting off body parts! Heather collaborates with gifted educators and coaches to bring practical health solutions to her clients. Food Fundamentals, Food Mastery, Beyond Burnout Stress Solution, Move It!, Emotional Eating Freedom Formula, Resilience Rescue, Mindful Money Matters and Firefighter Overhaul™ were all distinctly created to address the needs of specific client populations. These programs are provided in functional ways to work with the schedules of busy employees. Overcoming U – Mindful Corporate Wellness prides itself on implementing the most helpful content within the best delivery models.

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