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I’m Heather Sayers Lehman.

I’m Heather Sayers Lehman.

I’m a Behavior Change Expert and Certified Health & Wellness Coach. 

I understand what it’s like to be a modern professional and parent under pressure to do it all perfectly, and I believe the best health protocols are flexible enough to honor your complexity, desires, and dynamic responsibilities. 

I’ve spent over three decades in the field, amassing credentials that span healthy eating, fitness, and stress management. In 2023, I started The Air We Breathe Podcast to help you find well-being that works for YOU. My guests and I share ways that you can focus on your physical and mental health with purpose, flexibility, and ease.

Here’s my official bio:

Heather Sayers Lehman, MS, NBC-HWC, CSCS, NASM-CPT, CIEC, CWP, enjoys a passionate career in health and well-being. She has held athletics, physical therapy, fitness, health coaching, workplace wellness, and podcasting positions. Heather is a TEDx speaker who loves speaking engagements for employee well-being and conferences.

Heather founded and operates Overcoming U – Cultivating Employee Well-Being. Overcoming U provides health and well-being courses for employee wellness programs. The courses focus on building skillsets and changing mindsets to create and maintain healthy habits. The courses cover healthy eating, exercise programming, resilience building, financial well-being, emotional eating, stress management, healthy relationships with food and body, and health practices for active workers.

Heather also hosts the podcast The Air We Breathe: Finding Well-Being That Works. She enjoys candid conversations with experts, doctors, creatives, and activists, debunking health myths, and learning to seek peace over perfection.

And here’s more casual info describing what I love to do:


  • I’m a National Board Certified Health & Wellness Coach and NWI Certified Wellness Professional. That means I’m highly skilled in supporting you to problem-solve and overcome your biggest self-care obstacles. I’m also well-versed in the data of health-supporting behaviors so we can sift through the mountains of information and find what works best for you, faster. 
  • As the Founder of Overcoming U: Cultivating Employee Wellbeing, I’ve educated more than 9000 employees across dozens of organizations in the pillars of healthier living. From eating made easy, to burnout prevention, to boosting cardio and strength on a time-budget, Overcoming U courses create mindset shifts and build skills for lasting change. 
  • I’m a Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor. I can help you become confident in deciding for yourself what to eat, when to eat, and how much to eat according to your nutritional needs and natural cravings, without relying on restrictive rubrics or having to do body math constantly.
  • I have a master’s degree in Exercise Science and am a NASM Certified Personal Trainer. I use that to support you in figuring out meaningful, manageable ways to bring movement into your existing rhythms so it no longer feels like an uphill battle to meet your fitness goals.

Healthy Living isn’t All-or-Nothing.

It’s a Spectrum. 

Our options for what to eat, how to move, and how to manage our stress cannot be reduced to “good” or “bad.”

There is no perfect protocol that can guarantee perfect health.

And trying to fit our dynamic lives into a set of rigid rules almost always does more harm than good.

That’s why I don’t coach you to obey my system.


 I help you find Your Healthy Living Zone.

Your Healthy Living Zone is your range of comfortable self-care that suits your needs and supports the way you want to feel.

It’s where you most easily sustain your healthy living goals. 

To get you there, I help you understand the science behind best practices so you’re empowered to take what’s useful, determine what makes a difference, and ditch the rest. 

Because at the end of the day, you are The Decider. 

And the healthiest lifestyle is the one that works for you.

We need foundations and basics.

Not trends. 

I know. It’s not sexy. There’s no razzle-dazzle here. 

But when it comes to your health, you deserve better than extreme protocols, overhyped quick-fixes, and cookie-cutter advice. 

Everybody is different. Our bodies change over time. And life goes through many seasons and stages, pushes and pulls. 

Basketball season. Theater season. Performance review season. Enrollment season. 

That’s why I want you to have a solid, yet flexible foundation of basic habits and skills that you can fall back on no matter how unruly life becomes. 

It’s the boring yet meaningful kind of mindset and behavior change that actually transforms your life.

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Taking great care of your health doesn’t have to be complicated, strict, or extreme. 

My coaching programs and corporate wellbeing courses help you get in the swing of healthy habits without turning your busy lifestyle upside down (unless you want to).  

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