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Don’t Eat It. DEAL With It!
​Your Guidebook On How To STOP Eating Your Emotions

This guidebook will walk you through a process to deeper understanding and healing. If you struggle with emotional eating, you don’t need a new diet. You need to change your thoughts, feelings then actions. Heather created a system for long-term relief. You will have tools and skillsets at the ready to keep your new healthy lifestyle forever! End your food obsession, create a peaceful relationship with food and hop off the diet hamster wheel! Create a life of peace, balance and confidence by DEALing with it! Find it HERE.


“The City of Phoenix Fit4Phoenix Employee Wellness Program has partnered the Heather Sayers Lehman/Overcoming U for more than fifteen of her LMS Courses since 2016! In the beginning, we were fortunate enough to offer Heather Lehman’s “Emotional Eating Freedom Formula” six week course on-site.It was so well received we made the decision to offer the city’s very first webinar-based courses not once but twice this year with at least 100 employees signing up.So instead of the 25 we were limited to with the on-site class we were able to bring courses to many other city employees interested in making a healthy change in their lifestyle. Heather has provided city employees with information from Financial Wellness, Behavior Change, Food Fundamentals to getting employees to Move It!Heather and her team are very knowledgeable, responsive and great to work with. One of our employees says it the best, “Heather is amazing, full of knowledge and really inspirational!” Kathy Bird, Wellness Coordinator – City of Phoenix

“Working with Overcoming U has been a very positive experience. The CEO has the knowledge, expertise, and strategic vision to support wellbeing within various populations.” Missy Jenson,Wellbeing and Engagement Consultant, SeniorErin P. Collins & Associates Inc. A Gallagher Company

“In today’s virtual world, OU can deliver a quality product to reach a broader audience. The on-demand instruction and tools allow users to have resources at their fingertips and grow both personally and professionally. Heather adds a personal touch to her instruction, while allowing participants to “think for themselves” and set forth in their own well being journey. It’s a great and practical program for any company!” Seth Dusek, Well Being Operations – The Boeing Company (formerly City of Scottsdale)

“I have used Overcoming U at several worksites over the years and found them and their materials engaging and informative. I would recommend this company to all wellness programs who are looking to drive engagement.” Carietta Lumia, Organizational Development and Wellness Coordinator – City of Goodyear, AZ

“We had Heather come in at the beginning of the year for our Wellness Program to speak on Breaking Bad Habits. She provided a lot of great ideas and was so much fun to watch and listen to, that we invited her back for a second topic on Time Management. Both presentations were extremely helpful and we definitely look forward to working with her in the future. Her approach is unique in that she delves into the behavior behind why we do what we do and her background in behavior health and health is the perfect combination.” Monika Barton – Arrington Watkins Architects

“Awesome presentation of the material; instructor was extremely knowledgeable, enthusiastic, and candid in her presentation of the material. Thank you for offering this course with this instructor in an online format.” Emotional Eating Freedom FormulaGraduate

“I loved the way it was presented, it was very personable and easy to follow along with real life situations and ways to make working out manageable. I also really appreciate being able to fit the classes into my schedule instead of being offered at one particular time as my personal schedule changes often so I was able to take all the courses when it best worked for me! I really enjoyed this class and know I will be, and have been, using the material daily! Thank you!!!!” Move It! Graduate

“This was the best presentation at the conference in my opinion. A great look at emotional awareness and addiction related to healthy food choices and healthy behavior change. There was great information to learn and walk away with ready to apply. Heather is an amazing presenter that held the attention of the room and had us inspired and in stitches (laughter) the whole time. Bring her back!” Indiana Wellness Summit Attendee

“This is the first course that incorporates a lot of different topics and makes the connection for us on how they relate to our financial well-being. I thought that this was pretty unique and certainly make the content extremely well-rounded and comprehensive. Great job!” Mindful Money Matters Graduate

“Being able to take the course via webinar was great as I didn’t need to allow travel time and I could take notes on my computer while I watched/listened. I was able to look up some things on-line that Heather mentioned while she talked about it and, of course, I could eat lunch too. Webinars are great!” Food Fundamentals Graduate

“I am so grateful to Heather for helping people like me. Her guidance helped me put an end to my 17 year struggle with food/weight loss and I have lost 80 pounds and counting! If you struggle with emotional eating, take this course now!” Emotional Eating Freedom Formula Graduate

“Heather is a great instructor and motivator. I often find myself using the “what works for me” and “good, better, best” in so many areas of my life now, not just in relation to exercising and eating healthy. I love her approach to teaching concepts because she focuses on how it is simple to incorporate small changes. I also love that she encourages some change versus no change, no matter how small. Thanks, Heather!” Food Mastery Graduate

“It is a lot of new material and a dramatically different way to think. It will take time to sink in and learn. Overall thiscourse was great and I highly recommend it.” Emotional Eating Freedom Formula Graduate

“I really enjoyed this class. I didn’t realize all the obstacles I set up for myself and how I really need to work on my mindset. I took this class in conjunction with eating healthier and have lost 20 pounds in the the course of this class. I have a long way to go but I hope with the skills I learned I will keep the weight off this time for good.” Move It! Graduate

“These classes have been *the best* in my 35 years working for City Governments. Heather’s classes are filled with practical, sensible solutions that can be implemented gradually. Her emphasis on short-term goals works well also. I also enjoy her personal examples so don’t cut that out!” Beyond Burnout Stress Solution Graduate

“Heather’s courses have been invaluable to me. I thought I was pretty proficient in reading food labels, but I didn’t know enough about the ingredients to make the best choices. I am now educating the rest of my family so that when they are grocery shopping they can make more informed choices. I received more nutritional information from Heather in the past few months than I have received since my diabetes diagnosis. I can’t thank Heather, or City of Phoenix, enough for offering us these classes to achieve our personal wellness goals.” Emotional Eating Freedom Formulaand Food Fundamentals Graduate

“I am so glad I took Heather’s course. Over a period of six months, I lost 25 pounds, and a lot of it had to do with curbing my emotional eating and not using food to patch over the boring, disappointing, or lonely moments of life. I’m also significantly happier for having dealt with my emotional eating.” Emotional Eating Freedom Formula Graduate

“I found this course to be most enjoyable, and I did not foresee that possibility. I have been married 2.5 years and we just bought a home and merged our finances…we have some definite homework to finish. A million thank you for helping us be smart about money.” Mindful Money Matters Graduate

“Loved all the resources and the suggestions. Especially loved the beginning how she made it clear that this course was to help us better ourselves through our own strengths. Lots of other stuff relies on being told what to do, this one lets us build ourselves up at the pace we need and gives lots of inspo and ideas for it.Food Fundamentals Graduate

“I really didn’t know what to expect taking this course online. I loved the personable approach from the instructor. I felt as though I was having a personal session each time. I found out through taking this course that I already knew a lot of information but I learned some new and very easy, very natural ways of how to make changes in my life. I appreciate her teaching style!” Food Mastery Graduate

“I feel so much more at peace! I am not afraid to take on a new challenge. I feel I am better equipped to be of service to the students I see during the day. More importantly, I am more present at home, with my family. There are so many good things happening in my life that I am now able to appreciate, where before my mind would focus on all the negative. I am so grateful for this course, it has really been a life saver.” Beyond Burnout Stress Solution Graduate

“I recently took one of your classes and I still find myself quotingyou as I’m throwing away stale donuts at work… with the words ‘why are you rewarding me with diabetes…’ running through my head. Anyway the book is so perfect in it’s simplicity and it is amazing how much it works! Thank you on behalf of emotional eaters everywhere. 🙂 Oh, and one more positive thing. I really took to heart what you said about starting something creative (output)… and I’ve recently gotten into storytelling and I have a few shows lined up, and already have plans of co-producing my own show in the next few months. So, thank you again!” Emotional Eating Freedom Formula Graduate

“Heather, you are amazing and your delivery is welcoming and easy to follow. I have lost 10 pounds since taking your first course on healthy eating! My husband has lost 20. Men! Thank you for your enthusiasm to share the info on how to make small changes that bring results!Food Fundamentals Graduate

“Through her experience, wisdom, and humor, Heather has helped me to get to the root of some of my issues and make concrete changes in my life. I have lost 30 pounds since I took the course. My day to day life is happier after taking her course.” Emotional Eating Freedom Formula Graduate

“Heather made the webinar FUN! She helps you see dieting in a whole different and BETTER way. I have lost 12 lbs since my first webinar 4/20/16 (4 weeks ago). Thank you Heather!!” Food Fundamentals Graduate

“I was SO afraid to sign up because I knew I needed it. It took a lot of effort to not burst into tears the first class because Heather was giving me permission to feel. I’ve been smashing my emotions down for four years. I’ve gained almost 50 pounds. I have a long way to go but at least I’m finally addressing my issues. I LOVED Heather and will absolutely recommend her to the world. Her materials are logical and effective and easy to use. I’m so glad I signed up.” Emotional Eating Freedom Formula Graduate